Licchavi Period 300–879 CE

Mānadeva IV  870 CE

Transitional Period 879–1200 CE




Śaṅkaradeva I  ca. 920 CE

Guṇakāmadeva I   ca. 980 CE

Narendradeva I

Udayadeva  ca. 990 CE

Udayadeva  ca. 990–1004 CE

Nirbhayadeva  1004 CE


Rudradeva I  ca. 1008 CE

Bhojadeva  ca. 1011 CE

Rudradeva I

Bhojadeva  ca. 1012 CE


Rudradeva I

Lakṣmīkāmadeva I   ca. 1015 CE

Lakṣmīkāmadeva I

[Jayadeva]  ca. 1024–1039 CE

Bhāskaradeva  1045–1048 CE

Baladeva  1048–1060 CE

Pradyumnakāmadeva  1060-1066 CE

Nāgārjunadeva  1066–1069 CE

Śaṅkaradeva II  1069–1083 CE

Vāmadeva  1083–1085 CE

Harṣadeva   1085–1099 CE

12th Century Objects

Siṃhadeva   1099–1122 CE

Śivadeva   1099–1126 CE

Indradeva   1126–1137 CE

Mānadeva   1137–1140 CE

Narendradeva II   1140–1146 CE

Ānandadeva I    1146–1166 CE

Rudradeva II    1167–1174 CE

Amṛtadeva   1174-1178 CE

Someśvaradeva   1178–1183 CE

Guṇakāmadeva II    1185-1195 CE

Lakṣmīkāmadeva II   1192–1197 CE

Vijayakāmadeva   1192–1200 CE

13th Century Objects

Early Malla Period  1200–1482 CE

Arimalla I   1200–1216 CE

Abhayamalla   1216–1255 CE


Jayadeva   1256–1258 CE

Bhīmadeva   1258–1274 CE

Sīhamalla   1271–1274 CE

Anantamalla   1274–1307 CE

Ānandadeva II   1308–1320 CE

Arimalla II    1320–1344 CE

Rājadeva   1347–1361 CE

Arjunadeva    1361–1381 CE

Sthitimalla    1382–1395 CE

Dharmamalla   1396–1408 CE

Jyotirmalla   1408–1428 CE

Yakṣamalla   1428–1482 CE

15th Century Objects

Three Kingdoms  1482–1769 CE

Rāya, Ratna, Raṇa   1482–1504 CE

Vīra   1504 CE

Bhuvana   1505–1519 CE

Raṇa, Vīra, Jita   1519–1522 CE

Raṇa, Bhīma, Vīra, Jita   1522–1523 CE

Prāṇa alone, with Jita, or with Jita and Vīra   1524–1548 CE

Viśva   1548–1560 CE

Trailokya alone, with Tribhuvana, or with Tribhuvana and Gaṅgadevī   1561–1613 CE

Jagajjyotīr   1614–1637 CE

Nareśa   1637–1643 CE

Jagatprakāśa   1643–1672 CE

Jitāmitra alone or with Ugra   1673–1696 CE

Bhūpatīndra   1696–1722 CE

Raṇajit   1722–1769 CE


Rāya Malla   1482–1519 CE


Pradhāna and mahāpatra ruling independently of Mallas  1546–1556 CE

Purandarasiṃha  1560–1597 CE

Śivasiṃha 1597–1619 CE

Siddhinarasiṃha   1619–1661 CE

Śrīnivāsa    1661–1684 CE

Yoganarendra   1684–1705 CE

Lokaprakāśa   1705–1706 CE

Indra   1706–1709 CE

Mahindra   1709-1714 CE

(brief rule of Vīranarasiṃha) 1709 CE

Ṛddhinarasiṃa   1715–1717 CE

Bhāskara = Mahindrasiṃha   1717–1722 CE

Yogaprakāsa   1722–1729 CE

Viṣṇu   1729–1745 CE

Rājyaprakāśa   1745–1758 CE

Viśvajit   1758–1760 CE

Jayaprakāśa of Kathmandu   1760–1762 CE

Raṇajit of Bhaktapur    1762–1763 CE

Jayaprakāśa of Kathmandu (again)   1763 CE

Dalmardana Shah of Shah Dynasty  1764–1765 CE

Tejnarasiṃhamalla   1765–1768 CE


Ratna alone or with Ari   1484–1520 CE

Sūrya  1520–1529 CE

Amara = Narendra   1529–1560 CE

Mahendra   1560–1574 CE

Sadāśiva   1575–1581 CE

Śivasiṃha   1578–1619 CE

(with Raṇajitasiṃha)

Lakṣmīnarasiṃha  1619–1641 CE

Pratāpa  1641–1674 CE

Nṛpendra   1674–1680 CE

Parthivendra   1680–1687 CE

Bhūpālendra    1687–1700 CE

Bhāskara = Mahindrasiṃha   1700–1722 CE

Jagajjaya    1722–1734 CE

Jayaprakāśa   1735–1768 CE

SHAH PERIOD 1769–2008 CE

Prithvi Narayan    1769–1775 CE

Pratap Singh  1775–1777 CE

Rana Bahadur  1777–1799 CE

Girvan Yuddha Bikram  1799–1816 CE

Rajendra Bikram  1816–1847 CE

Surendra Bikram  1847–1881 CE

Prithvi Bir Bikram  1881–1911 CE

Tribhuvana Bir Bikram  1911–1955 CE

Mahendra Bir Bikram  1955–1972 CE

Birendra Bir Bikram  1972–2001 CE

Dipendra Bir Bikram  1–4 June 2001 CE

Gyanendra Bir Bikram  2001–2008 CE


Bhimsen Thapa 1806-1837 CE

Mathabar Singh Thapa  1843-1845 CE

Jang Bahadur Rana  1846-1856 CE

Bam Bahadur Rana  1856-1857 CE

Jang Bahadur Rana  1857-1877 CE

Rana Uddip Singh  1877-1885 CE

Bir Shumshere  1885-1901 CE

Dev Shumshere  1901 CE

Chandra Shumshere  1901-1929 CE

Bhim Shumshere  1929-1932 CE

Juddha Shumshere  1932-1945 CE

Padma Shumshere  1945-1948 CE

Mohan Shumshere  1948-1951 CE

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal  (2008–present)
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